“Dr. Winston was great! His office staff was very nice and friendly and his office is beautiful. I would highly recommend this office! Thank you!”
– Michelle G.

“Thank you Dr. Winston. You are so helpful and caring.”
– Vanessa H.

“I was referred to Dr. John Winston and Colorectal Surgery Services by my local San Antonio Air Force MD. When I walked into his office I was immediately greeted and was treated so well. Dr. Winston is so nice and kind. He has a really good personality, made me laugh, which made me feel like I had known him for years. He had a lot of experience with diverticulitis and Chrone’s Disease and my surgery went great. He really cared for me after and so did his team. I am so very grateful. Thank you, Dr. Winston.”
– Rebecca S.

“Dr. Winston’s office is the epitome of compassionate, comprehensive service. He and his caring staff are kind and helpful with even small things. This office has the BEST physician/staff communication I’ve ever seen and is a model for other physicians’ offices who are often quite poor at this. Dr. Winston was very thorough with his explanations prior to surgery and answered all my questions with honesty. While inpatient, he continued to explain and facilitate everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in a very scary situation!”
– N.E.F.

“WOW!!!! What a great doctor and wow what an amazing person!!!! Dr. Winston and his team are all AMAZING!!! They set the bar high! It’s was such a blessing to have Dr. Winston in our lives. He is the definition of professional and companionate healthcare!! Thank you!!!”
– Quijanos

“Dr. Winston and his staff took excellent of care of me during and after my surgery. I was referred to him after a problem from my colonoscopy and he explained what needed to be done and how to fix the problem. Went in for surgery was out the next day. He took time to explain the procedure to me and my husband. Follow up was excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is needing help. His staff was also excellent, very professional and went out of their way to assist me.”
– L. H. Qualls

“It has been one year today since Dr. Winston removed half my colon. The surgery went very well and I was discharged in 3 days. I have not had any episodes of diverticulitis. He was very straightforward in answering my questions. I was seen promptly in his office before and after the surgery. His staff was very nice. Thank you so much for doing a great job and being so caring!!”
– Ruth E. C.

“I want to thank Dr. Winston and his staff for a wonderful experience in his clinic. I recently was seen in his clinic for “embarrassing hemorrhoid problem that was very painful”. Dr. Winston took his time and explain all the proper results to help my situation and the extreme amount of pain i was in. His staff made made me feel so comfortable and calm even though it is a embarrassing location, Starting off with the receptionist she was able to schedule an appointment at a reasonable time and date. Very please with this Doctor and STAFF..”
– Chelsea

“Dr. Winston was brought into my wife’s case by Dr. Joseph Johnson regarding an abscess discovered in her stomach while she was hospitalized. Dr. Winston immediately put both of us at ease with his demeanor and approach. We look forward to working with him as her case progresses. His professionalism comes through without him having to ‘tell you’ he knows what he is doing.”
– Bernie Frey, Colonel (Ret)

“I found Dr. Winston to be very professional and he was very patient & kind to me and my daughter. Took very good care of me and surgery was successful as he predicted. I was stage 3 colon cancer and because of his skills as a professional I am healed (referred me to the best oncology Dr ever) He’s tops in my book!”
– L.V.N.

“Great physician and staff; make you feel very comfortable!”
– Mark C.

“I had a colon resection due to diverticulitis, and I advanced quickly in my healing, and I was able to leave the hospital 3 days after entering the hospital.”
– Maria C.

“Dr. Winston, thank you! For all of your courtesy and bedside manner. You and your thoughtful staff made all the difference.”
– Tony T.

“Always on time, friendly and professional staff. Dr Winston is so kind, comforting and knowledgeable. I fully trust his opinion and advice.”
– Becky R.

“I was skeptical at first, but felt I could not wait. Dr. Winston did a very good surgery and continued to be great in taking care of me after great bed side manner. Yes I highly recommending him His staff was great, very helpful in all my request.”
– Lovella T., Converse, Texas